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var AspxRssFeedLocale = { // Rss Feed title that displayed in RssFeed.aspx page "AspxCommerce Latest Items":"AspxCommerce最新产品", "AspxCommerce Best sell Items":"AspxCommerce最佳销售产品", "AspxCommerce Special Items":"AspxCommerce特殊产品", "AspxCommerce Feature Items":"spxCommerce特征项", "AspxCommerce Heavy Discount Items":"spxCommerce重型折扣产品", "AspxCommerce Service Type Items":"spxCommerce服务类型产品", "AspxCommerce Category":"AspxCommerce类别", "AspxCommerce Popular Tags":"AspxCommerce热门标签", "AspxCommerce New Orders":"订单AspxCommerce的", "AspxCommerce New Customers":"AspxCommerce新客户", "AspxCommerce New Item Review":"AspxCommerce新产品", "AspxCommerce New Tag":"AspxCommerce新标签", "AspxCommerce Low Stock Items":"AspxCommerce低库存产品", "AspxCommerce Popular Brands":"AspxCommerce热门品牌", "AspxCommerce Featured Brands":"AspxCommerce FeAspxCommerce特色品牌atured Brands", "AspxCommerce All Brands":"spxCommerce所有品牌`", // Rss Feed image title and alt text respectively //For latest item "Latest Items Rss Feed Title":"最新产品RSS提要", "Latest Items Rss Feed Alt":"最新产品RSS提要", //For New Arrival items "New Arrivals Rss Feed Title":"新到达RSS饲料", "New Arrivals Rss Feed Alt":"新到达RSS饲料", // For best sell items "Best Seller Items Rss Feed Title":"最畅销的资料RSS饲料", "Best Seller Items Rss Feed Alt":"最畅销的资料RSS饲料", //For Special items "Special Items Rss Feed Title":"特殊产品的RSS饲料", "Special Items Rss Feed Alt":"特殊产品的RSS饲料", // For Popular tags "Popular Tag Rss Feed Title":"热门标签RSS订阅", "Popular Tag Rss Feed Alt":"热门标签RSS订阅", //For Hot deals items "Heavy Discount Rss Feed Title":"重折扣RSS订阅", "Heavy Discount Rss Feed Alt":"重折扣RSS订阅", // For Service "Services Rss Feed Title":"服务RSS提要标题", "Services Rss Feed Alt":"服务RSS饲料ALT", // For Feature items "Feature items Rss Feed Title":"特征项RSS饲料", "Feature items Rss Feed Alt":"特征项RSS饲料", // For Category "Category Rss Feed Title":"类别RSS提要标题", "Category Rss Feed Alt":"分类RSS饲料ALT", //For brands "Popular Brands Rss Feed Title":"热门品牌RSS订阅", "Popular Brands Rss Feed Alt":"热门品牌RSS订阅", "Featured Brands Rss Feed Title":"特色品牌RSS订阅", "Featured Brands Rss Feed Alt":"特色品牌RSS订阅", "All Brands Rss Feed Title":"所有品牌RSS饲料", "All Brands Rss Feed Alt":"所有品牌RSS饲料" }; var Login = { "New here?": "新来的吗?", "Sign up": "报名", "for a new account": "一个新的帐户" }; var AspxGeneralSearch = { //AdvanceSearch.ascx "From:": "来自:", "To:": "到:", "Search": "搜索", "View as:": "查看:", "Sort by:": "排序方式:", "View Per Page": "查看每页", //AdvanceSearch.js "Valid Digits And Decimal Only": "只有有效位数和小数", "Information Alert": "信息快递", "To Price must be greater than From Price": "价格必须大于从价格", "The selected item already in your wishlist.": "所选产品已经在你的收藏。", "Please select at least one attribute to search.": "请选择至少一个属性进行搜索。", //SimpleSearch.ascx "Advanced Search": "高级搜索", "Go": "去", //SimpleSearch.js "Select Category": "选择类别", "--All Category--": "- 所有种类 -", "What are you shopping today?": "什么是今天你逛街吗?", "Popular:": "热门: ", "Setting Saved Successfully": "设置成功保存" }; var AspxHeaderControl = { //HeaderControl.ascx "My Account": "我的帐户", "My Categories": "我的分类", "My Added Items": "我添加的产品", "Checkout": "结帐", "Close": "关闭", //HeaderControl.js "Information Alert": "信息快递", "You can't proceed to checkout your amount is not applicable!": "你可以不进行结算的金额是不适用的!", "You have not added any items in cart yet!": "你还没有添加任何物品车!", "You are not eligible to proceed further. Your order amount must be at least": "你没有资格进行进一步的,因为订单金额低。您的订单金额必须至少", "Checkout With Single Address": "结算与单地址", "Checkout With Multiple Addresses": "随着多个地址结帐", "Checkout is not allowed for anonymous user!": "不允许匿名用户结帐!", "OR": "或", "My Wishlist": "我的收藏", "My Cart": "我的购物车", "Notice Information": "公告信息", "Your cart contains items. Do you want to look at them?": "您的购物车包含的产品。你想看看他们吗?" }; var AspxShoppingBagHeader = { //ShoppingBagHeader.ascx "View Cart":"查看购物车", "Checkout":"结帐", "Close":"关闭", "Shopping Basket":"菜篮子", "down":"向下", //ShoppingBag.js "Information Alert":"信息快递", "Checkout is not allowed for Anonymous User!":"不允许匿名用户结帐!", "You are not eligible to proceed further:Your Order Amount is too low!!!":"你没有资格进一步进行:您的订单金额是太低了!!", "Checkout With Single Address":"结算与单地址", "Checkout With Multiple Address":"随着多个地址结帐", "OR":"或", "My Shopping Bag":"我的购物袋", "Delete Confirmation":"删除确认", "Do you want to delete this item from your cart list?":"你想从您的购物车清单中删除这个产品吗?", "Your cart is empty!":"你的车是空的!", //ShoppingBag Header Setting "Shopping Bag Settings":"购物袋设置", "Slider":"滑块", "Popup":"弹出", "Save":"保存" }; var AspxCategoryMenuAccordion = { //CategoryViewer.ascx //CategoryViewer.js "Categories":"分类", "This store has no category found!":"这家店有没有发现类!", //CategoryBreadCrumb.ascx //CategoryBreadCrumb.js "home":"家", "Shopping Options":"购物选项", "Tags":"标签", "Search":"搜索" }; var AspxLatestItem={ //LatestItems.ascx "View Full Product Detail": "查看全部产品详细信息", //LatestItems.js "Regular Price :":"原价:", "Our Offer :":"我们的提议:", "Details":"详情", "Wishlist":"收藏", "Compare":"比较", "More than":"以上", "Add to cart":"添加到购物车", "This store has no items listed yet!":"这家店还没有列出的产品!", "items are not allowed to add in compare list!":"产品不允许添加在比较列表!", "The selected item already exist in compare list.":"所选产品中已存在的比较列表。", "Item has been successfully added to compare list.":"产品已成功地加入到比较列表。", "The selected item already exist in your wishlist.":"所选的产品已经存在于你的收藏。", "(Bulk Discount available)":"(散装折扣)", "Item quantity discounts:":"产品数量折扣:", "Quantity (more than)":"数量(超过)", "Add to Cart":"添加到购物车", "Continue Shopping":"继续购物", "Close":"关闭", //LatestItemsCarousel.ascx //LatestItemsCarousel.js //For Quick View "Quick Look":"快速查找", "Available":"可用的", "Not Available":"不可用", "In stock":"库存", "Out Of Stock":"缺货", "This product is out of stock!":"此产品脱销!", "Not required":"不要求", "Don't use this option":"不要使用此选项", "Successful Message":"成功的消息", "Item has been successfully added to cart.":"产品已成功添加到购物车。", "Failed to load cost variants!":"成本变种加载失败!", "Failed to save!":"保存失败!", "Failed to add item to cart!":"添加到购物车失败!", "Price :":"价格:", "Price":"价格", "Invalid quantity.":"无效的数量。", "Information Alert":"信息提示", "This product is currently out of stock!":"这款产品目前缺货!", "Please choose available variants!":"请选择可供变种!", "The quantity is greater than the available quantity.":"数量大于可用数量。", "Information Message":"信息消息", "Item Quantity Discount:":"产品数量折扣:", "Price Per Unit":"每单位价格", "Error Message":"错误讯息", "Brand": "牌", "View all items under this brand": "这个品牌下的所有产品", "Note:- select your card theme": "注: - 选择您的贺卡主题", "Please fill valid required data!": "请填写有效的所需的数据!", "Price History": "历史价格", "Date": "日", "View": "视图" }; Home



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